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What is a foot care nurse?

A foot care nurse is a nurse that has successfully completed additional training in foot care.

We do everything from routine nail and skin care, removal of corns, callouses, aiding in wart treatments, identifying and correcting areas of concern, risk reduction, client advocacy and education - all with the compassionate care of a nurse.

Clients with diabetes especially can benefit from the care of a foot care nurse, its estimated that 80% of diabetic foot ulcers could be prevented with early screening, education, and care.

Early screening for vascular disease as well as prescribed and over the counter compression therapy

Over the course of our lives our feet do an awful lot of work, hammer toes, bunions, corn, or callouses can cause a great deal of discomfort. A foot care nurse can help to provide relief. 

Often as people age their feet just become too challenging to continue to care for by themselves. Many clients seek care due to trouble reaching, vision loss, reduced dexterity or hand strength.

Would you like to know more or discuss how I can help you? It would be my pleasure to schedule an appointment with you or answer your questions over the phone. 

What to expect at your first visit: 

Health history- you'll be asked about chronic disease such as diabetes or vascular disease, your over all health, your concerns and goals.

Foot and lower leg assessment- I will check your pedal pulses, overall skin and nail health, as well as the structure and range of motion in your feet. If you have diabetes we will do a more detailed foot screen including sensation testing.

Skin and nail care- filing or removal of corns and callouses as needed, nail trimming and reduction of any thickened nails. We will also discuss the best ways for you to maintain your foot health between visits.

Creating a plan- if you have chronic disease or concerns with your feet we will discuss how you can manage and reduce your risks of complications. Together we will decide how often you should return- it may be just once a year for a diabetic foot screen, most often clients return every 8-12 weeks for routine care.

Referrals - as part of your health care team I will collaborate with your family doctor if needed. If you would benefit from care outside of my scope I will recommend a pedorthist, chiropodist, wound care clinic or physiotherapy. 

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